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1. A Lover's Thought. 9/21/2011
2. Me And The Devil. 9/22/2011
3. Lasting Peace. 9/22/2011
4. Beato Vincenzo Romano. 9/22/2011
5. Each Syllable A Sonnet. 9/22/2011
6. Paolo Nutini (In Concert 8-4-'10 Rah) . 9/22/2011
7. Once Upon A Broken Heart. 9/22/2011
8. The Coat. 9/22/2011
9. The Bravest Of Them All 9/22/2011
10. See That Wee Wummin 9/22/2011
11. No Face, No Name 9/22/2011
12. Girl In A Shop. 9/22/2011
13. The Blond Haired Cavalier 9/22/2011
14. Take Me To Gretna 9/22/2011
15. Fraserburgh, A True Story: September Weekend 1971. 9/22/2011
16. Attitude 9/22/2011
17. A Roman Spring. 9/23/2011
18. A Two Faced Race. 9/23/2011
19. Alfred The Fox. 9/23/2011
20. An Orcadian Odyssey. 9/23/2011
21. An Imaginary Life 9/23/2011
22. By The Old Peat Fire (A Children's Rhyme) . 9/23/2011
23. Blame. 9/23/2011
24. Silhouettes And Shadows. 9/23/2011
25. Death's First Dawn. 9/23/2011
26. The Old Man 9/23/2011
27. Asleep On The Bus. 9/23/2011
28. Hielan' Jessie 9/23/2011
29. Loch Dochart. 9/23/2011
30. Bonfire Night. 9/23/2011
31. Christmas Cheer. 9/23/2011
32. Just Another Friday. 9/23/2011
33. Searching. 9/23/2011
34. Vietri In December. 9/23/2011
35. La Lucertola (I) . 9/23/2011
36. La Lucertola (Ii) . 9/23/2011
37. Villa Borghese. 9/23/2011
38. Platform 3. 9/23/2011
39. A Corridor Romance 9/22/2011
40. Love Or Greed? 9/23/2011

Comments about PAUL COLVIN

  • Paul Colvin (8/20/2019 5:24:00 AM)

    Hi Michael, I never could get used to calling you Sherry. I hope you're well and it was brilliant to meet Felix in Partick with Mary that day. Totally out of the blue. All the poems on here are old ones and mainly when I just started writing. All my poems are on Facebook under my own name. All the best and it would be great to catch up with everyone soon. Paul.

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  • Michael sheridan (8/18/2019 4:06:00 PM)

    Met Fellix yesterday. Will read your words soon. The class of 71/72.
    Glad your there.

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  • Stefanie Fontker (10/10/2011 10:37:00 AM)

    Ha! I'm the first one to comment, that isn't on Facebook. Paul is a poet of many, and few words. He can write the most beautiful poems, and come up with such philosophical metaphors, in as many words as he sees fit. He burns a million emotions into his readers' hearts, and can inspire a person who has no love for poetry, to give it a try. A true gentleman, and a great friend.

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Best Poem of PAUL COLVIN

A Birdseye's View.

The rooftops of Italia’s Alps stand neatly in a row
And down below a river flows by a road that no-one knows,
Puffs of cloud look just like smoke as though the sky’s on fire,
They nestle upon these alpine peaks, growing ever higher.
A deep crevasse between cold, sharp peaks, where the sun will never kiss,
Blackness dwells and looks like Hell in this bottomless abyss.
A purple haze is nature’s veil just hanging in the sky
And jutting through’s a jagged ridge, dusted down with ice.
The road that led to nowhere, where no-one ever goes
Just disappeared into the black ...

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Me And The Devil.

The flames leapt high an’ jigged aroon
Tae the screechin’ sound o’ Satan’s tune
They fiercely jumped frae North tae South
An’ belched up frae the Devil’s mouth.
The wind it blew an’ flames they flew
A’ fiery red wi’ streaks o’ blue,
Furst went left an’ then went right
Wi’ Satan’s face a’ burnin’ bright.
Up they shot an’ fired wide

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