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I was born in sunny Glasgow but left in 1980 to work in London and still here. My poems are very varied, from love to childhood reminisces to football to sorrow, illness and death with some children's poems thrown in. And a few Glasgow/Scottish themes as well.

I would like to suggest a few poems:

A Soldier's Last Thoughts - About death in ...


Self Pride

You are yourself not someone else
Do not decry, dare not deny
When asked or told you’re something less
Stand proud and say, I’m me.

Love In Darkest Hours.

For love was a wonderful sight
And love was the hour of darkness
That came along in morning’s depths
And shared some spurious thoughts.

Fresh Cut Grass.

The fresh cut grass, that summer scent
That smell of summer, Heaven sent
I used to squeeze it in my fingers
Shreds of green, its smell still lingers.

A Birdseye's View.

The rooftops of Italia’s Alps stand neatly in a row
And down below a river flows by a road that no-one knows,
Puffs of cloud look just like smoke as though the sky’s on fire,
They nestle upon these alpine peaks, growing ever higher.

The Fart.

We see this coarse or vile and give it other names
But when it gets right down to it, it’s all the bloody same
Did you blow off, or trump, the smell will let you know
Did you let one off or let one rip or did you let one go


Paul Colvin 20 August 2019

Hi Michael, I never could get used to calling you Sherry. I hope you're well and it was brilliant to meet Felix in Partick with Mary that day. Totally out of the blue. All the poems on here are old ones and mainly when I just started writing. All my poems are on Facebook under my own name. All the best and it would be great to catch up with everyone soon. Paul.

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Michael sheridan 18 August 2019

Met Fellix yesterday. Will read your words soon. The class of 71/72. Glad your there. Sherry

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Stefanie Fontker 10 October 2011

Ha! I'm the first one to comment, that isn't on Facebook. Paul is a poet of many, and few words. He can write the most beautiful poems, and come up with such philosophical metaphors, in as many words as he sees fit. He burns a million emotions into his readers' hearts, and can inspire a person who has no love for poetry, to give it a try. A true gentleman, and a great friend.

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