Satan's Queen Poem by PAUL COLVIN

Satan's Queen

Rating: 5.0

Every time I hit the town
A dozen faces turn around
Tonight we’ll dance then sleep ‘til dawn
Says the angel with the black dress on.

Skirts like belts, legs long and strong
Made for dancing all night long
High heels stab the streets she walks,
Her darkened lane where money talks.

Don’t talk too much, she’s here to sell
Some say she was made in Hell
Satan’s queen has come for you
But Heaven’s where she’ll take you to.

You pay the price and name the place
For money, she can change her face
Be whoever you want her to be,
For she’s your dream, your fantasy.

Loins embraced by sucking thighs
As the meter ticks in loveless eyes
Her love comes in the shape of cash
With no receipt but perhaps a rash!

Shadow Girl 01 November 2011

haha! ! loved the twist and the end there...why so pessimistic? ? haha =)

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Sally Plumb Plumb 29 October 2011

Good rhyming. Try 'Swing High Swing Low' when you have a spare minute.

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Tsira Gogeshvili 26 October 2011

Wonderful 'With no receipt but perhaps a rash! '........10..... Tsira.

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Jacqui Broad 26 October 2011

I guess some people would sell their souls for pleasure. Great the way you write it, sir. Satan's queen: I pictured her in leather mini-skirts, chains around the waist, and hair wild.

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