Kar Chun

Rookie (Sept 10th 1992 / Belize)

One Year - Poem by Kar Chun

Days have become weeks and weeks into months
We’ve been together thru so much, my amor
How did we come to fall in love?
How did we end up together?
These questions run thru my mind
But don’t think that I regret anything
We went thru hell just for us to be together

Do you still recall that night we first met?
I had sworn to myself I wouldn’t let any guy in
But something bout you was so different
At first I couldn’t really understand what is was.
It was cause of bears we met and for him, I’m grateful
That night went by so fast but the days after wards weren’t
I was hurt and I cried so much that you still don’t really know
But in the end, I decided that it was for the best
So I turned my back and walked away

For almost two years I hadn’t seen or heard bout you
But it was as if fate had different plans for us both
You came back into my life and I was so thankful
We were together for almost five months
That was when doubt started to take over my heart
I was waiting for you to mess up, for you to break me
And when I didn’t see it happen, I fell.
I paid for my mistakes when I lost you

The pain I had caused on myself was nothing
It was nothing compared to the hurt I gave you
I had been on the other side, I knew how it felt
I cried so much that I couldn’t cry anymore
But it was then that I realized something
Something so important that I can’t forget it
Baby, I had fallen in love

You are the first and you were my Mr. Perfect
But I had messed up that I didn’t know what to do
I talked to my friends and they told me this
“Girl, you need to fight back! You need to get him back! ”
So that was my final and ultimate decision
I just had to get you back. But I didn’t know how

It was on March 1st when we had finally talked
I don’t know if you know it but I poured out my heart
I wanted and needed you back more than you know
When you finally said yes, my world was ok.
Babe, I had sworn that I would never hurt you
And I keep to my promise everyday that goes
I love you more than you know, my amor
I know what you say is true that we may never last
But this I hafto say caz letting go, I just wont do

Babe, not a day that goes by if I’m not thinking of you
I love you more than you can ever come to imagine
I just hope that our love last forever...
My amor, I’m so happy with you.
You make me smile when I feel down
You make me laugh when I don’t wanna
You mean so much to me babe.
I must say to you these words of love
Caz you mean so much to me.
I would do anything to hold on to you
If losing you means that it is right
Then I’d rather get in trouble than lose you
Having you in my life was THE BEST
No other guy could compare to the love you show
You have my heart in your arms
Please, never forget that I love you so much

I know that I’m not always gonna be around
But don’t fret or worry caz
I will never forget you, never
Don’t worry caz I would do anything to keep you
Have no fear caz I will not cheat on you
I will have friends but that is the line
No other guy could mean more to me than you
You have this charm that entices me
Your lips, your body, your mind
I love you my amor, my baby, my vida

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