Dillon Gay

Origins - Poem by Dillon Gay

Lying on my back, contemplating life
Misdirected by conscious feelings of failure
The thoughts of mind lead to great strife
Not accustomed to reaching mindly tenure

The idea is fundamentally lateral
One-sided, biased by my own conformity
The damage I sustain is absolutely collateral
Tainted by my inconsistent continuity

The cause of this appears in my head
Harmful truth is an outcome to dread
Blissful ignorance is not an option
To discover the origin of my mental probation

Origins; origins; existence has to start
Pondering my own origin is a tool to begin
But that is not enough to bare in mind
I must go ahead to the present to seek what I may find

The philosophy is disturbing at best
I could stop, I don't want to know the rest
It moves on like I have tried this before
Added to the bibliography of my personal lore

Oh, the feeling is so deep in my psyche
It's so hard to express a comparison to anything like
Aimless pondering to no apparent avail
Why do I ultimately fail?

The perception of my world has been distorted
Origins, origins; where are they?
It could be heredity or experience
This is too much to find in one little let-down

The final conclusion has been made
Origins can't be found in this charade
They'll come to me if they're so eagerly sought
Leaves me one familiar, painful thought....

Origins, origins, origins....

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poem Edited: Sunday, February 14, 2010

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