Orwellian Youth Poem by Mason Maestro

Orwellian Youth

Can't speak, can't talk
Can't euthanize anyone they want
Can't hide or change the children's minds
Gonna live with all our souls inside
Can't sneak, can't walk
Can't stop for family erosion caused
Our rights, they're pursuing to suppress it
Won't be long before it's nearly lost
Can't blink, can't cry
Little less than a genocide

Injections and injunctions
Fused for desired mind functions
State control bears a brute pursuit
Fostering world-ready Orwellian youth

Can't think, I can't dream
Can't leave, I just can't believe it
With a new world state unfurled
Walking blindly to a Brave New World
I can't speak, I can't talk
Can't care for anyone we dare
Altered genetics, employing eugenics
The family unit will become impaired
Can't hide from changing minds
Cause we gotta live with all our souls inside

Subordinate or insubordinate?
Next generation coordinates
State control bears a brute pursuit
Fostering world-ready Orwellian youth

The piece was the most difficult to write this final installment to Vested Vermin from a Jade Terrace. The installment covers the elite's engineered destruction of the family unit
Stevie Taite 29 September 2012

The power is unlikely to shift either! I read in Scientific America not so long ago that evolution of a population more naturally shifts to a state of affairs where there are few haves and many have nots. So much money, so much power. Humans are a truly stupid species but we think we are so clever! We try to control the entropy, but it will get us in the end! That's where this poem took my head! A great write Eli!

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Asif Andalib 28 September 2012

Very true. The mindset of the next generation is so different from that of ours. Excellent write.

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