Royston Allen

Ott (My First Attempt At Rhyming - Far Too Complicated! ! !) - Poem by Royston Allen

The Infinite was contained
and in a body of flesh constrained.
There for over thirty years He remained
even though Herod was deranged,
and as the wise men he entertained
his reign soon became bloodstained
by the death of the children that he arranged.
But Herod was outbargained
and his plans had been curtained
by God who had foreseen and prearranged.
So to Egypt His Son He preordained
and in so doing Herod restrained.

In His ministry Jesus His disciples trained
and people came who by sins were chained.
For in mankind the sin was so ingrained
as God's law and name they had profaned.
From Him they had become estranged
only through Christ could they be unchained.

The kings of earth then campaigned
against this One that God had ordained,
who by the people became so disdained.
The chief priests and scribes complained
and with Judas they bargained,
a cost of thirty pieces of silver they ascertained
was the price for his loyalties to be changed.
Then against Jesus the people ganged
and by the guards He was detained,
but the Lord was calm and refrained
from violence even though Peter strained
at his sword. Christ from fighting abstained
Then before Pontius Pilate He was arraigned.

So Jesus was led away to be hanged
upon a rough cross by carpenter tool not planed.
Into His body the nails were banged
as there by men He was cruelly slanged,
He was determined, His resolve unchanged
as the life from his body was drained,
There for my sins He suffered and pained
and on the cross our lives interchanged.

As I viewed him there all blood stained
and from His body the crimson tide rained
my eyes became red and tearstained.
Forgiveness for my sin He had obtained
as His life for mine He exchanged,
there forgiveness for my sin He attained.
Death for Sin God had deigned.

Satan's great plan had boomeranged
and in the grave he was completely caned,
he fought hard for Jesus to be retained
but the Christ was not to be enchained.
Satan had now been defanged
and his power was to be tightly reined.
Thus great victory over death was gained
by the sinless life Jesus had maintained
for His life from sin was completely unstained.

On the Emmaus road to the two he explained
that because of the sinless life He had sustained
Death was vanquished and Paradise regained.

In heaven the jubilation is unconstrained
and the rejoicing is completely unrestrained,
praise from unnumbered multitudes He had captained
the voices of those whom God had foreordained

Christ reigns supreme where Satan had once reigned.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

My first attempt at rhyming. very much over the top.
Once I have mastered rhyming I hope to concentrate on rhythm

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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