Our Heart - Renewed

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I made a heart for us again, my love.
Here on the beach.
It has our names inside,
is within reach.
It's our heart, my sweet,
just made for us to cherish.

Some day the tide will come
and claim our heart of sand.

But our love will never,
in this life or hereinafter,
our love will
never, ever -'cause it cannot -
ever perish.

So, let me tell you,
lovely one.
Just what it says
inside our heart:
It says 'forever, you
and I together'.
I made it big enough
for us to fit.
It looks quite nice,
I used a seagull's feather.

I took my time with it
and noticed with
much pleasure,
that I was thinking of you
quite a bit.
In fact I never stopped,
my lovely little treasure.

I touched your name
and wondered, for a minute,
if I could take THIS heart
home and keep it there.
The letters and
the sandy symbols in it
would not be heavy
or demand much space.

Then I remembered that
our heart of sand
just tells the world
(and us) we're still alright.
And that we, lovingly
and hand in hand
walk on together, getting
little kisses
from Mother Sun.
She also gives us light.

Let's leave the symbol of
our bond on our beach.
It shall belong quite equally
to time and tide.
We are within each other's
easy reach,
our hearts are hugging for
a pleasant ride.

And, when next we draw
our precious symbol neatly,
into the ancient sands
here by the sea,
we may just place
a thousand kisses
utterly discreetly
in our heart of sand.
But these are
-most exclusively -
only for you and me.

For: L whose heart I cherish

Herbert Nehrlich1 01 December 2004

Thanks Allan, I could get used to your kind comments..... Looking forward to your calm one (inspiration could come from the movie with Nicole kidman 'Dead Calm'. Best wishes H

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Allan James Saywell 01 December 2004

I can draw a little from this poem herbert, i wrote a poem 'jane'i used the line for ever for eternity, i like this piece of work, i feel calm perhap's i will write a calm poem today Warm regard's Allan

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