Tatjana Stamenkovska

Our Love - Poem by Tatjana Stamenkovska

Our love is like a old castle
build on a fundamental stone,
this stone is the trust between us,
my heart is one of the turret of this castle,
turret who get crashed
from the words what have been said,
life that we started to live
and than fly away on other side of the world,
dreams that we dreamed but never lived,
that dreams disappear one day
and I woke up in the real world.

In that moment I lost myself
in the cold reality,
become beggar who live from your attention
no, I don’t want to be this any more,
why to be beggar in your eyes,
when I can be free spirit in mine.

Do what you want, be what you fell the need to be,
this is your life on the earth, your time to live,
that's why don't explain your self,
be free, be you,
I never except from you
nothing more or less than to give me your self.

You are asking for my feeling towards you..
if I don’t have them
do you think I would write this now?
This words will never float
like a river if there wasn't water in this spring.

Here is the answer to you,
my question is what are doing this fellings to us?
Where they are taking us ?
For you I will go to the end of this world,
if you will be there waiting me.

What if at that end you don't find your self,
if that place is to far for you,
land that you don't understand and except,
habits what you can not stand,
language who you don't want to listen..

Than my face very soon will became ugly to you,
my smell will be stinky, you couldn’t breath,
and my present repulsive..
You will start to look at me with different eyes,
in them I will become each day smaller and smaller..

Until one day I don't lost in them,
that day you will stop seeing me,
I fear from that day,
I fell fear from your habits,
fear can you except me really as I'm?

With all my faults
and this glass soul
what whisper on the wind,
can you seen in her?
and when you are looking
what do you see?

Can you understand her secrets and needs
the need to be understand,
only if you understand you can love
and love is like the gently flower
she needs the patience from you
to nurture her each day.

Your attention will be the water to her,
the freedom that you will give her
is the sun what will gather in her leaves,
this will be her food,
with out all of this,
after some time the flower would fad
and in the end will die from hunger.

Thats why you should think good,
think twice
because if you don't take care for this flower
he wont survive to long,
no flower can live in ice and cold.

My love
do what makes your soul warm,
that is privilege to,
privilege of the leaving,
nobody and no one
have the right to deny you this.

Just be honest to this flower,
who wants only the sun to warms her soul,
the wind to cuddle her branches,
and the air to give meaning of her life.

Please respect her nature,
and she will return to you
with all her beauty and pleasant smell,
and your love will became her secret garden.

Tatjana Stamenkovska

http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=xtMhtMc1GW8

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 1, 2011

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