Megan Elizabeth Wilcox

Over And Over - Poem by Megan Elizabeth Wilcox

i feel so numb inside i cut my arms with razorblades
just to feel something
to feel anything
just to know that i am still alive
other times the pain builds up so fast i feel like its crushing me
i feel alone
there is no one i can talk to about how i am feeling
so it continues to build
minute by minute
day by day
until i just cant take it any more
I'm going crazy
my mind is spinning frantically
in a blue i grab the blade
and slice at my arms and wrist
drawing the blood through my skin
over and over
The blood begins to flow, and so does my pain
The wight on my shoulders begins to slowly fade
i cut my arms over and over
relief washing over my body with every incision
a small voice inside y head tells me to stop
but i dont
i cant
i am no longer in control
the pain inside me has taken over
the cuts on my arms and wrists
become deeper
some concentrated
i Begin to feel week and disorientated
everything around me becomes a blur
i pass out
unconscious on the floor blood flowing from my arms and wrists
my body shuts down
my heart stops beating
my soul is set free

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 19, 2009

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