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As a young man with relatively limited experience of life, I am particularly interested in writing about love and sex at the moment, but I cover other stuff too, such as religion and death.

When I write, I sometimes use quite loose rhymes and assonances, but I am quite particular about rhythm. I also think that a poem's name is a crucial part of ...

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Susan Legree 04 November 2009

I have read a lot of poetry (good and bad) I have written even more (hopefully good) I read you today and want to tell you that I like your no-nonsense honesty. You have a natural flair that will develop as you continue.

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The Best Poem Of Jack Williams

Losing Your Virginity (A Silly Poem)

Losing your virginity
Is likely to be sh**
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be
Let’s be honest, is it?

So do yourself a favour
Don’t build your hopes up high
Too many people aren’t so clever
Then go home and cry

Sure you want to do your best
With Miss or Mr Right
But why not just get it off your chest
When you know it will be sh**e?

Sex is like a wine or scotch
A cigar or a cheese
You have to have it quite a lot
Before it starts to please

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