Pagan Eulogy Poem by Clive Culverhouse

Pagan Eulogy

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[He/She as appropriate]

Of flesh and blood
that nature gives to our breath
must one day be given back
for life was lent by Earth's hand
and now it is returned

(The Deceased) though lives always in us

She is the movement of the swaying tree
The light that dawns our day
She is the sparkle glistening on the sea
The energy of the wave
She is the melody of the singing bird
The notes that flutter down
She is the rustling leaves that can be heard
The greening of the ground

All that was
that nature gave
became our love, our life, our friend

All that was
that nature gave
through us need never end

(The deceased) , we return nature's gift
with the privilege such a gift was given

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: celebration,death,funeral,paganism,wicca

Pagan Eulogy
poetry by Clive Culverhouse

- I'm going to a funeral - I have been asked to read a eulogy at a funeral - what eulogy should I read out at a funeral -

This Pagan Eulogy that I have written can be read out at funerals for those who are looking for nature, earthly, Wicca, Pagan interests and beliefs.

Clive Culverhouse 03 September 2023

Featured in a list of 20+ Short Wiccan Poems for a Funeral or Memorial, Pagan Eulogy is number 11

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Clive Culverhouse 05 September 2023

On a poetry blog called Poems About Death

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Madam Mayor 13 October 2020

Beautiful. I plan to use the third stanza in a eulogy on Saturday. Thank you.

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Clive Culverhouse 16 October 2020

that is a great honour thank you for your kind words of my poem Pagan Eulogy, ..

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Clive Culverhouse 03 September 2019

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this poetic eulogy, I'd be interested to hear, thanks.

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