Artemis Poem by Clive Culverhouse


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but Donaldson was already drifting
further and further away from us
the thickness of his suit decreasing
as his courageous kindness
floated on within his demise
and all I could do was stare panic stricken
through the small window's cruelness
as the white speck of my friend
became more and more surrounded
by the blackness of space
far removed from everything that existed
and I wondered if Donaldson would
explore the universe forever

Monday, September 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: eternity,explorer,forever,goodbye,infinity,loneliness,poetic expression,science fiction,space

Artemis by Clive Culverhouse
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Edward Kofi Louis 16 September 2018

Surrounded! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Clive Culverhouse 16 September 2018

Hey so pleased you picked out a key word - I wanted to suggest that space is enveloping him, devouring him, like something sinister, alive, an entity, rather than him just floating through a void. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! !

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Bernard F. Asuncion 16 September 2018

Clive, such a wonderful poem of the day. Congrats for being chosen...10++++

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Clive Culverhouse 21 June 2020

This is one of my poems that is also on Write Out Loud. Here's a comment from that poetry site: " A hard subject brilliantly shared. I really like how it could be literal or metaphorical."

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Clive Culverhouse 24 April 2020

One of the most profound things the writing of this poem lent to was being so far away from anything; further from anything that has ever existed as you could get, a loneliness that cruises dimensions beyond comprehension. A loneliness fundamental to our fears and space would preserve Donaldson for eternity, infinite loneliness; some thought.

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Mahtab Bangalee 28 January 2019

explore the universe forever.. to learn own-self nature...! ./// lovely written

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Clive Culverhouse 28 January 2019

Appreciate your comment...

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Clive Culverhouse 18 December 2018

Twitter comment: @abelfrageauthor - Right: @cliveculvers that is why I will never, ever don a spacesuit

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Jayatissa K.Liyanage 16 September 2018

and I wondered if Donaldson would explore the universe forever......................How else one would be able to console oneself over a horrible nightmare of the kind. Wonderfully crafted sensational poem.Congrats for being the member's PoD. Thank you for sharing.X

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Clive Culverhouse 17 September 2018

Thanks for commenting, Jayatissa

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