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The Asked Man Poetry Collection - words express but poetry liberates.
UK. Lincolnshire poet. Ex-paramedic now working in mental health. Clive's poem Another Day At The Office made the Long List of The Plough Prize for Poetry 2017. He has had poems published in poetry magazines such as Popshot Magazine.
Clive has an interest in nature religion, of life, death and rebirth - the cycle of nature, the Eternal Return. Plus Clive enjoys the magic and mysterious realms of realities that make up our multiverse. His poetry inspirations stem from poets such as Emily Dickinson, William Blake and Edgar Allen Poe, but in particular Leonard Cohen.
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04 February 2019

words express but poetry liberates

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Clive Culverhouse 11 June 2020

great comments received on social media for my poetry on Instagram: " Awesome" " You have a great talent.." " Keep up the great work.." " Beautiful expression"

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The Best Poem Of Clive Culverhouse

If The Flames Do Not Turn Your Bones Into Ash

If the flames
do not turn your bones into ash
your bones will rot
deep in the ground
but only for Them
for You'll come around
and as They're carving into stone
You may walk again
through countless fields
and endless roads
They will remember you
for only a blink
of the Universe's Eye
but the fields and roads
shall know You
for all Eternity

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Clive Culverhouse Popularity

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