Pages Of Life Poem by john chizoba vincent

Pages Of Life

Rating: 4.5

Page one reveal the man
He is brought to the world
The nurses whip welcomes him
And he howl desperately to be heard
But no one could behold his tears
He made the mother weak under
The strange atmosphere of delivery.
There life begins, he crawl, stand, then walk
Suffering under the sun of wickedness
Rejection, and discrimination follow in
The prey of sadness, life dawn on him
Like an ice that struck on the naked soil
Truth is reveal to him whilst the dark side
Of the blue sky remain covered
Childhood dreams hurt in, teens dream break apart

After, the hunt for a partner begins desperately
He is now a man and has total control of his life
Mother no longer control him. father twist his ears no more
But cuddle him with advices
Children emerges and problem multiply
Salary insufficient and troubles increase
Yet he has to maintain his integrity always

Death comes knocking when those wrinkles stretched
Out on his face like a tribal mark from the west
His legs could no longer hold his pretty body
And his weak soul which seek to rest in the bosom
Of a heavenly father who knows all
Si fit welcomes him as death comes unknown
He collapsed one morning and be gone forever
But always remembered by his deeds
In this naked world of sin filled with evil

Rajnish Manga 13 December 2014

This is powerful poem seeks to define the life of the dispossessed people whom no one wants, no one loves, no one cares about. The language is full of energy. Thanks.

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Heather Wilkins 13 December 2014

like an ice that struck on a naked soul a nice poem of the pages of life

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