Sama AlNaber

Pain's Around Us But So Is Happiness - Poem by Sama AlNaber

Happiness which is a dream but a catch able dream!
When happiness and darkness run side by side
But because of our blindness we choose blackness!
The nightmares we have the scratches we got from using this road of life!
When we waste our energy being sad and depressed
While we can you use the same energy to be the change we want in the world!
The world that everyone is dreaming about!
When zombies becomes sober people!
When happiness is the air the our lungs catch
But the end of this fairy tale is always devastating! ! !

When life is hard on you, it is hard on everyone!
But the difference is somebody has the strength to let go
And the other someone has an aching past which always above his sky!
Life doesn't suck and it will never do!
Life won't change but people can change this idea!
If you don't like the life you are living in then why are you still here? !

Fear Can Keep Us up All Night.But Faith Makes One Fine Pillow
That fear that life would end without enjoying it because you are living your painful past and you are wasting your bright future!
When faith is all what we need to change ourselves and love life and appreciated!
When you are too busy thinking about avoid reality and living in your own way!
When your Wounds turn into experience! When your tears turns into a challenge!
When you start thinking that life isn't that burning alive hell!
That's when you will start breathing happiness!
Life isn't complicated but we make it!
Life isn't that serious but we make it!
We take it too seriously and make it more complicated while nobody will get out alive anyway
So live it and go crazy because it is a temporary time where we can prove our existence and make the best out of it! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 6, 2012

Poem Edited: Sunday, October 21, 2012

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