Sama AlNaber

People Always Leave... - Poem by Sama AlNaber

She is laying alone with her thoughts in her mind.
Going crazy
Crying her eyes of isn't helping her to forget.
People say time is healer but with this girl even time is being cruel;
Time is pulling her down towards the dust of the ground.
She misses being around people.
That thought of her happy past still lingers in her mind.
Still making her fall down like an old woman.
That stab of the past's knife still killing her.

That past when she was happy, all her friends were around her.
People promised her that she will never be alone.
They won't let her face this cruel world alone.
Loneliness will hurt her will break her down until the candle of life vanish.People's lies are killing her nowadays.

Every time she gets attach to somebody.
She or he just vanish and never ever look back;
Wondering if she will be okay, wondering about that broken promise.

That girl never learns from her mistake.
Every time somebody leaves her she shouts. Trying her best to collect her heart's pieces together.
As time passes by as she realizes she has to live alone because people always leave.
Living alone is the best solution to mend her broken heart.
To return the happiness to her eyes……
No she cant that sweet misery of the past is haunting her and all what she thinks about
That she wants the old days… she is missing people and it is the only thing which is tearing her apart.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 6, 2012

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