Painful Riddance Poem by Michael Eziudo

Painful Riddance

Rating: 4.7

I'm gone
Sorry to say, but I'm done
I measure all my sacrifices as no loss
Since the joy it brought me was my cause
When would I have ever been sure I'm a giver
I'd thought stinginess and selfishness were my incurable fever
So I learnt
Time with you got me taught
All the many years with you, my first

I didn't know how relationship works but I gave it my all
At least, I tried
If I'd be judged, I'd be given a pass
For lack of experience I didn't fall
If you're asked I'm sure you'll undoubtedly attest with a pounding nod

Yet you said I should wait till tomorrow
I agreed
Waited till today
While in it I hoped that someday
You'd realize that I too have a need
That's to be satisfied no matter how little if they from your heart flow
But you didn't see it
You denied me all of it
Your gifting
Your essence and companion
Your care
And even your presence
And that never-complaining me
Reminded you
To at least be selfless in your doing
So that we can share a semblance of communion
My cries were to you a nuisance
And as following all my complaints, a quarrel between you and me
And I'd still apologize for daring to complain to remind you
Of what should be your role

You said you want a castle in the air for your kids
Never will they have a glimpse of your past pains
You plan for you and for them
And I ask what about me
You say it's in case I misbehave or pass on
And I wonder the mindset
How you could come up with them
How far did you see
Did you see me in that distance as one that'll misbehave or pass on
Actually, despite your noncommittal I'd been faithful till now
With what scale I ask, did you plot the graph and how

Then people often saw the faraway look in my eyes
They'd ask and I'd tell lies
To reassure them and ease their minds
But now I cry no more
You're not into me now I'm so sure
You claimed you love me but that's barely like a pinch of wind off the seashore
From it all what I see
Your mind lives faraway from reality
And I'm left you in your fantasy
I'd thought there'd never be a time it's not you I'm thinking about
I'm glad I could see that no matter how late
No man should for sake of fear let himself the fool be
So I'm done
So sorry to say, but I'm gone

When you love a person who doesn't value you
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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