Peace Poem by amina kamran


This poem was actually written by a group of third grader.

Peace is like

Love in the world.

Peace is quiet

And nice.

Peace is loving and caring with all your might

Helping and sharing is peace.

Peace is like a flag waving

Never flying away and never stopping.

Peace is motions of love

Peace is a beautiful flying dove.

Peace is a dove flying

Sending love and care through the air.

Peace is a scene of love, just like a humming bug

Peace is with a bumble buzz that just flew down from far above.

Peace is like a piercing light of a dove

In front of the big ball of happiness called the sun.

Peace will always mean love

When I’m sad it lets me feel the worlds above.

Peace is free, peace is quiet

Peace is always around.

Peace is like love

It never breaks.

Peace is a thing that is loving, caring

And a lot of hugs and kisses.

Peace is like a bird

Always coming and going to help in a nice way.

Peace is when we help each other

Peace looks like art.

Peace is like love in the sky.

Peace is caring and joy.

Peace is

Freedom in the world.

Peace looks like a soaring rainbow

That falls in your hand.

Peace is no fighting, no war,

Of course, love and signs of it just like an invincible dove.

Peace is like a dove flying,

Peace is like a happy family

Merlin Thattil 12 August 2011

A poem with a wonderful theme. Good work.

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Mohammad Muzzammil 07 November 2010

Peace is everywhere, and without it nothing is perfect or good. You've presented your thought regarding peace in a nice way.

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