amina kamran Poems

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To Dianeme

Sweet, be not proud of those two eyes
Which, star like sparkle in their skies;
Nor be you proud, thata you can see
All hearts your captives, yours yet free;


This poem was actually written by a group of third grader.

Peace is like

A Perfect Circle

Year pass after year
Decade comes after decade
Yet time never stops
It goes on further


People think lonliness is a shadow dark
When covers a person hard to pass;
But there are people who like to wear,
The thick black covering of solitude

My Own Worth.

Black sky
Silver stars
My mind calculates
The beauty afar

A Thing Of Beauty

A Thing for beauty is a joy forever
Its loveliness increases, it will never
Pass into nothingness, but still will keep
A bower quite for us, and a sleep

Humans Wish

This poem was written by a child who lost her family in drone attack.

Who is in the valley of peace?
No one wants to be there at least

The Years That Are No More

Fall and fall and fall the rain,
I know that life is such a pain.....
Some memory about my past, gone days,
Brings tears that fall and fall in pain.....

Oh! These Tired Butterflies

Flower beds, vivid colors, in a garden or near sea shore
Gives pleasing thoughts, mind relaxing
The beauty is adorable, but something is missing
A lonesome bunch, but friends of all

Love City

a golden lake and a golden sun
its a city where love is none
i wonder about a city of gold
to make the dreams and myths, a story foretold

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