MacGregor Tagliaferro

Per Amore - Poem by MacGregor Tagliaferro

Per amore, hai mai speso tutto quanto,
La ragione, il tuo orgoglio fino al pianto?
For love, have you ever spent everything,
Reason, your pride, up to the tears?

Pillow talk under the warm Tuscan sun:
So look forward to your notes
So enjoy sendin' you notes
Seem to be craving your touch

Jottin' notes on what will become,
A new poem dedicated to you
Shall be here ever patiently,
Awaitin' your return

The paths we travel,
To find, and keep, happiness
Tellin' things never told
(We did not want to stop ourselves...)

Read from Lady Chatterly's Lover
And Nin who reminds me of you
Her honest creativity,
Unabated self expression

You are brave
Well, trust is all
You know your thoughts are safe with me
In all things I feel safe with you

Remember how this all started:

Woman walks in from the darkness
Seen for the first time
No other place in the world
But there to be
No other afternoon past or future
But that one

The most beautiful woman
A startlin' face, a face so alive
Years ago tryin'
To imagine true beauty
Creatin' an image
Of just such a woman

Never seen until then
Yet known long ago
The color of your skin,
Your haunting profile
Beauty washin' over in waves
Carryin' away grief, bringin' peace

Anything asked would be done
The color and brilliance and strangeness
By the end of the evenin'
No extrication
From such an admiration
Consumed in genuine chaos

The courage of personality,
Which was sensual, heavy with nuance
Your roll alone preoccupied
In whirlpools of feelins
In response to you, seekin' to be
Whatever you wanted

And now, graspin' the core of you
Wantin' to run out and tell
Of your fanatastic beauty
To shout to the Tuscan sky

To be without you would be
To never know again who I am,
What I am, what I love, what I want
Beauty touched me, the core of me

You carry completely, always
The part of me reflected in you
Beauty struck me, dissolved me
Deep down, I am different all over

Dreamed you, wished for your existance
You are the one I have always wanted
Seein' in you that part of me which is you
Wantin' to be the best me that can be

Feelin' compassion
For your tremblin' unsureness,
Your enhancin' of love given to you
Surrender all pride and reason

To love you is to share
The same fantasies,
The same madnesses
The same for love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

For my muse January 2013 Out West

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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