Perpetuality In The Shadows Poem by Jay Press

Perpetuality In The Shadows

A knife in the dark
It's always been in the dark
You've always been in the dark
The knife has always been right there.

The friend in the shadow
Who won't step in the light
Who won't ever do what's right
Always been so close
But so far outta sight.

You are less then what you are
Should you pick up the knife?
Settle your friend's forgotten strife
You've already slept with his wife
Is tonight the night you'll take his life.

He's always standing in the night of day
He's always in that spot
Never been caught
Is today the day he'll rob you
for everything you got.

The knife is right there.
He see's you waiting in that place.
Its a standstill race
Which is the ace?
Which will admit to being a

You don't admit it
he doesn't either
Been a while since anyone's taken a breather
Which one will be the first retriever

Until then fun and games
Your a snake in the grass
he's in the same class
Wait to surpass,
silently harass

Who will pick up the knife
Its right there.
It's beyond his glare
It's past your stare.
The knife is always right there.

There is no right, there is only wrong
You nor he belong
From the shadows you both come
Each other's mutual scum
From the the shadows you both stay
Waiting to repay
Waiting for the day-light
Is today the night
You and he will give up the fight.

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