Ph: Life: If You Think... Poem by Brian Johnston

Ph: Life: If You Think...

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If you think that God’s temple’s a building
Then you’ve swallowed a boat load of crap,
If you think that man’s works are what saves him,
You are dreaming! Wake up from your nap!
If you think the Bible you’ve mastered
You are trapped in a Satanic dream
If you think your church is the ”Right One”
Then most likely your pride is extreme.

For the Christ is stone builder’s rejected
And if you’d like to know where to stand
If you’re longing to feel you’re connected
You’ll be safer if you build on sand.
For Christ’s way simply can’t be a temple
That is built to the glory of priesthood
That’s an anti-Christ living example
Of a pablum fed life still in childhood.

What you think Bible says is not God’s Word
But a good way to learn is to teach
And it’s true we’re instructed to witness
It’s you too that God’s hoping to reach.
For malfeasance exposed is a blessing
That can humble a heart made of stone
Bring a new attitude toward your brothers
More in keeping with one of God’s own.

The more certain you are that you’ve found truth
The more distant from God’s Word you are,
If your goal is to truly be servant,
Best avoid baby food found in jar.
For God’s Word is not aid for digestion
Its intention is stretching the soul
And can often lead some to discomfort,
For His teaching’s not just to console.

Our God’s goal is to further His Kingdom
And His joy to use you if He can
But there’s nothing in His plan that’s random
You must give up truth centered on man.
So surrender your heart to your brother
Even if he should hate you and more,
And be cautious as well not to smother,
Those who show you what you’re looking for.

Saturday, September 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: god,life,love
Brian Johnston
Sept 5,2015
Lorraine Colon 08 September 2015

This is a thought-provoking rendering of what God and religion mean to you, how you perceive them to be connected. This is not necessarily accurate, but it is not offensive either. It is a well done representation of what God might be like. It is entirely up to the reader to accept or reject your ideas. Nevertheless, it was superbly delivered and a pleasure to read.

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