Lora Colon

Lora Colon

Missouri - United States
Lora Colon
Missouri - United States
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I was talking to the moon
Just the other night,
Telling him how much
I admired his light;
If You Awaken Before Me
If you awaken before me
And I'm crying in my sleep,
Take me in your arms and kiss me,
Give me reason not to weep
Let It Rain!
You say and do the little things
A woman never forgets;
And when it rains, I smile when you say
'It's raining violets'
A Woman's Heart
Who really knows a woman's heart
But the woman wherein it dwells,
She guards its contents like rare jewels,
Deepest secrets, she never tells
The Fear Of Love
Your love flowed gently over me,
Like a wave caressing the shore,
Touching me... then covering me...
Leaving me begging for more


bri edwards 05 March 2021
Since the horrid changes in PH, Lora is one of of few whose poems i miss being able to find as i once was able to in the 'old' PH. : ( bri
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sdvsvds 27 January 2020
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Jankovic Zoran 12 May 2019
When someone is dancing with letters so that, for a moment, we lose a sense of where the line between sweet dreams and reality, then it's poetry from the heart. The stage is yours, dance Lora.
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Kailash Sharma 24 April 2019
May I share your poems with your name copying from poem hunter please
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Bipasha D 25 January 2018
You poems flow beautifully, rich in images and touch a chord. I am glad I came across your poems.
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Subhas Chandra Chakra 23 September 2016
Your poems have the ability to pour rains over the deserted hearts and routined minds. Keep this human approach up, dear poetess please.
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Bri Edwards 22 September 2016
ok, so Lora is NOT A LAUGH RIOT! but she is terrific at what she does write. ;) bri
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Bri Edwards 03 June 2016
One of my favorite PH people. A real laugh riot! ! ! ! Try to be serious for once, would ya, Lora? !
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Lyn Paul 24 January 2015
Your pen expresses your every word as the ink flows onto a blank page
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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
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David Mclansky 19 April 2014
Her kisses are my narcotic,
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Colin Coplin 14 December 2013
Loves journey. A beautiful poem. Thank you
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Brian Johnston 10 December 2013
To miss reading Lora Colon's poetry would be like never tasting Dr. Pepper, late harvest German wine, or my mom's apple pie, like never jumping out of plane, like never experiencing a family of whales playing in a California cove on a foggy beach as the sun sets, Herman Hesse's poems, or Mahler's 9th. My friend, you are about to discover gold, powerful magic, (and may even encounter God) ! Read on. Time's a wasting! |
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Hasnain Aaqib 31 July 2013
Lorraine's poetry is all about new experiments with life and also a gamut of variety of experiences. I liked her poetry as much as I liked my own poetry. hasnain aaqib
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Pradip Chattopadhyay 13 July 2013
Lora Colon is a poet who takes you onto a journey through all hues and shades of life and leave you mesmerized. Her poems though flow easy strike a deep chord.
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