Ph.Ds. Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey


Keeping the head over my head
Think I about Ph.D.,
Who were,
Who are,
How is it?

The story of Ph.D.,
How to say it,
Those who do know it,
Those who do not know not,
How the story of Ph.D.,
Who a Ph.D.,
Who without?

But I have seen the non-Ph.D. heads,
Approving the synopsis, supervising the scholar,
I have seen the manual typist of the varsity
Turning into a Ph.D.,
The students near the campus turning into
Ph.D. men,
Some willed it just,
Some worked, but got it not.

Some turned into guides,
Some could not be,
Some got the materials easily,
Some laboured it hard,
Some got the opportunity of
Getting the guide's unused material,
Some worked without grants and aids
Whereas many after availing of

Who is what Ph. D., say you,
How is whose story,
Who is what doctor,
How their doctorates,
From where,
From foreign or from here,
From our neighbouring univs.
Or provincial institutions
Or who took to foreign whom,
Many aspired to, but could not?

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