Beautiful Disaster

Picking Up The Pieces - Poem by Beautiful Disaster

I'm really over it this time
Whose idea was it to pick up the pieces anyways.
Maybe I wanna leave it all on the floor n walk away.
I can't keep pretending that its all okay.
Yes I still care n it kills me to have to let you go.
I'm not gonna pick up the pieces, so next time you come around i won't make that same mistake.

Everyone told me you were no good and this is how it would end.
If I only would of listened then I wouldn't be sitting here with a shattered heart yet once again.
So I refuse to pick up the pieces
I'll walk away n go find my fake smile and my razor instead.
The next time you see me you will think I'm fine,
but you won't know just wat lies behind that giggle.

Someone tell me what's so great about picking up the pieces anyway.
Don't we have any better way to spend our days?
Like building up a wall so next time you can't get in at all.
Then I will pour poison through the holes, didn't any one tell you love can be so toxic.

To know you is to hate you so I guess loving you must be suicide.
Next time just kill me I'm sure it would hurt a lot less then this broken heart. I guess I was just a useless piece of art in ur gallery of love.
So someone tell me what's so great about picking up the pieces anyways.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Poem Edited: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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