angel lockheart

Picturesque Opera - Poem by angel lockheart

High in the arms of a tree,
Where no one looks, where no one can see,
Hugging its limbs, while I gaze out at the sea,
I climb higher up, scratching my knees,
But do not care, I want to find

As I stop for a rest, I look at the view,
And am amazed to see, such a different hue,
Colored in the sky: every different shade
Of blue.

All of the sudden,
I feel the branch shake,
My head whips around, to see what has got to be fake,
Because what lies before me, is the most magical fate:
Your body,
Shadowed by the late.

Our eyes meet, just as a raindropp splashes on me,
And a smile blooms on my face, laughter filling up all my space,
As the rain beats down harder, my mind only cries out louder,
The earth’s tears drenching our cloths, as your presence fills my entire soul.

Lighting plays in the heavens, thunder following in sections,
A picturesque opera with us the only audience, displaying power in ambiance,
So strong it makes the tree shudder, and my wings forget to flutter,
My balance is destroyed in a second, falling to the beautiful waves that beckon,
‘Til I feel your hand grasp mine, and into your arms I am entwined.

I bury my face in your neck, wanting to make a double- check,
That your warmth is real, your heart I can feel,
Striking the same rhythm as mine, the only lullaby that calms my mind.

Our hearts slow, as the stars start to glow,
Our breaths mingling, only to make my skin start tingling,
And my body realigns with yours, your presence healing all my sores,
As the rain turns our skin cool, colored as of the moon reflected in a pool,
The fierce love shards mirrored in your eyes, so captivating, if I look away I feel I’ll die.

Down below the waves take a chance,
The sand glitters in a blissful dance,
Stars spotlight the play around us,
The wind whispers for everything to shush,
But the thunder rebels with dark rumbles,
And the lightning explodes in need to humble,
But all I see, are eyes of pure blue.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 10, 2010

Poem Edited: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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