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I don’t think it’s my time to go,
But here I am hanging from a ledge,
My fingers slipping,
My arms loosing their strength,


To many times I’ve been hurt,
To many times I’ve been blamed,
To many times my heart has been shattered,
Into so many pieces that I’m afraid,


Here I stand in the darkness of the night
Where only the stars see me,
For I am in the blackest shadows
Flat up against a wall

& What Would U Do?

Ang3l mine I wish u were here,
I feel so helpless without u near.

If we were together,

? & Answer

Sitting on your lap,
Wearing some old blue jeans,
Under an enchanted oak,
When the sky starts to shadow,

Dragon Fire

You’re like an infection inside of me,
Something to consume my entire being,
Take control and capsize me,
Make my eyes go foggy at your thought,

Dr3am World

</>Feelings rippling through my skin,
A new desire that’s been let in,
Overwhelming as a fire,
Consuming as a master writer.


A salty mist swirls around us,
Landing on our skin,
And tangling in our hair
As we sit on the golden sand,

Can U Guess It?

Illuminating the world around us,
Flowing from being to mortal,
Surging out of the center of time,
Tying spirits together,

All The Same

I fell in love with the words you wrote,
The poems you penned,
The ink you bled,
You seemed to pore your true feeling out onto the page,

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