Verbaas Mij

Pieces - Poem by Verbaas Mij

Flow it on back away from the black and white stripes.
Striations of creations that scientists breed
using glasses etched of finely cut diamonds
to sparkle as bright as the twinkle in your eye
after roses are placed in your hands.
Grasp the tails of a challenge and dont let go.
Dont let go of hopes and aspirations
that eventually become the occupation of time.
Small slanders and soldiers creep into view
and gallop like steeds across the skyline.
Horizons dont linger unless you finger through files of past encounters of the supernatural kind.
Call up boss and let him know that no boundary placed in front of you can ever stop the splendor of an idea in progress.
Mind power moves not only boulders but inspires the masses to stand up.
up with pride and aggression towards anything in the way.
When the boss slides a wall in front we topple it.
Palm trees wave behind and waves may crash around us
but the birds will always sing whatever tune they want.
No quieting what you cant do yourself and no matching anothers glory.
each glory has its own maker.
One to one ratio i always say but who says the blocks were built the way they stand.
Someone can take a piece away and watch it fall
yet let it sit the way it is.
The final project is the same the last words yelled,
jenga. -watch it fall

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 14, 2006

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