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Pink Is My Colour

Rating: 4.5

Pink pants and rosy plants
Pink blouses, never failing to arouse spouses

Pink hot feverish lips
Passionate pants of pink
Love letters dipped in pink ink

You see! You see!

Pink is my colour
Pink is the sweet side of wild
Quite mild
Like a little lost baby child
Of all the colours compiled
Pink is romantic and disarming
All pink roses are ever so charming

Pink is my colour
The fruit juices I drink
Are always colour pink
With favourable odours
Igniting my fire making me desire more and more
Think! Think! Pink always links
With erotic pleasant stinks
Those flirty winks
Combining with pink
Creating an effect of kink, kink, kinky!

Pink is my colour
Refined or raw
Pink is my colour
And the colour of my door
Pink is my colour
And the only colour I adore

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

Maria Chambers 26 July 2017

Hello Sylvia, I am looking for your contact details. I was wondering if I could use this Poem for a short film. Please feel free to get in touch or send my your contact details at: Best, Maria

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Brian Dorn 30 June 2006

Sylvia, the popstar Pink isn't bad either... good write! ! Brian

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