Planchette & Page Poem by Nika McGuin

Planchette & Page

Rating: 2.8

I think books are beautiful
and libraries are magical
perhaps the last drops
of magic that can be touched
by a mundane

drowning in a sea of books
I find I'm no longer human
but the planchette of a ouija board
delighted, I let the spell take over,
let it drag me through aisle after aisle
as it leads me to my partner in destiny

sigh of relief and jump for joy
I've found you
you've called me more likely
as I press your smooth cover to my chest
I can feel
that your ivory pages have so much
to tell and so very much
love to share

as I hold you
tightly wrapped in my arms
I feel so much more alive than usual
as we talk in the quiet language
of strangers who fall in love at first sight
at least in this moment of rapture
I don't feel so alone

we will read each other
teach each other
and play with one another
like the children we are

even if the last page isn't reached
your story has impacted me
for you and I have whispered,
chanted our tales
nightly, in voices quiet
like rustling pages

~ Nika

Bri Edwards 15 December 2018

i plan to use this in my/our January 2019 Showcases. Thanks. bri (:

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Bri Edwards 09 August 2018

p.s. now i know planchette; my cousin used to use one in her teens, to entertain her cousins. i 'love' the title's alliteration. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 09 August 2018

books are indeed fantastic creations, and like foods, books come in all flavors to satisfy different tastes. to MyPoemList. favorite lines: for you and I have whispered, chanted our tales nightly, in voices quiet like rustling pages .....and now i notice a lack of periods, but a sprinkling of commas in your poem. i approve of your punctuation usage! ! (not that you NEED my approval! ! !) bri :)

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Daniel Brick 10 March 2014

Nika, I absolutely love this poem! I have added it to my collection. You express that joy not just in reading but in book themselves that I share. And your poem dramatizes this joy with wonderful exuberance and undisguised delight. I think those of us who see that there is magic in books, even just holding one is magical, have to support each other in this joy. Because it's not universal. And it's not understood by many others. They may think we're goofy to be so dazzled by books and reading. That's what makes your poem so liberating for me. Someone else has confirmed my belief! The magic is indeed real! Robert Bly, the MN poet you read about in my poem on the reading he gave last October, has a really amazing passage in one of his poems: Everyday I get down on my knees and kiss the books I love. It's overstated but we know it's true.

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