Plate Tectonics Poem by Robert Rorabeck

Plate Tectonics

Rating: 5.0

They passed away this time with the
Nearing of Spring; there were no more
Undiscovered lovers sleeping in the grottos,
In the fault-lines of continents,
And the dictionaries carried like
Newborns in the wisest of hands
No longer held the slightest of meaning,
And even hummingbirds were too big to understand,
Where they lay suspended,
Motionless above the wilted lips of consciousness;

For here everything was clearly mapped,
Raped by the cartographers and put out on the streets,
The war was settled and the dominate race had won,
Now busy fucking new buildings miraculously
Into being along great highways where
Young children shot out of the
Thighs of sexy automobiles, and
The face of God on every billboard as the
Families caravanned to see the undead wonders of
Disney Land, down 75 where alligators lay nude in
The shadows, waiting for sunlight for miles around

The Father and Son selling sports cars with
Full color ads in Bibles, and their smiles toothpaste,
With the asphalt charisma that entombed the naiads
In the sea; they would all get laid out back on
The dirty straw beside the camels and wise-men
When their shifts ended and the plates of the earth
Moved ever so slightly, making little protest.

Tired of Being Exploited 10 February 2007

This is a great piece! Loved the explicit imagery and surreal juxtapositioning. Jack

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Robert Rorabeck

Robert Rorabeck

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