Raj Arumugam

Po-Dae - Hic! - Your Good God Of Fortune - Poem by Raj Arumugam

You can call me Po-dae
if you’re Korean…
hic! – you got every right to mispronounce it if you aren’t;
and the Japanese might call me – hic! –
Hotei…hic! hic!
And of course those ancient Indians
in their radiant romantic way might call me Laxmi
(but then they’re too reverent, those Indians
and you can’t joke about any these days)
but me – hic! hic! – hey call me Po-dae
and yes, the more erudite of you might know
or the Indians out here would have guessed by association –
yep- I’m the good god of fortune, ancient drunkard!
(That guy who wrote “The Richest Man in Babylon”
he asks you to court the Goddess of Fortune –
Silly bugger! He doesn’t know Goddesses don’t drink, does he?
Ah, well modern Sex Goddesses might smoke and drink,
and all that) -
but hey, I’m Po-dae - HIC! HIC! – fill up that cup and invite me in
and I’ll give five or six tips to fatten your wallets
better than the ones that American God
George S. Clason throws at you
(Pay Yourself First, and all that miserly pedestrian living)
But fill my cup, dear – and I’ll show you how to fill your wallet –
Oh ho, ho, ho yum – where do you get this stuff…?
These modern drinks really drive me crazy, baby!
Hey, hey, hey –
I’m Po-dae
and for watering me, baby
I’ll tell you the dao of fortune:
I come drunk
and I never move straight
and I walk side and side
Oh baby, I’m Po-dae
your miserly elusive fortune!
Sorry about that, guys –
once in a while I also make wind!
Hic! Hic! Hic!

poem on a painting of Po-dae by Kim-Myong Kuk

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 19, 2011

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