Poem About Poetry - Layers Of Meanings

the trees, the mountains and rivers
transmit layers of consciousness
songs of incarnated states
now nature looks me back in the eyes
to unravel the things beyond them;
the moon, the sun and the stars
each of which illuminate symbols
and tales, rainbows that span
the horizon of my consciousness

the layers of thoughts nature parlays
in front of me pique this river of consciousness
i look at the sun and feel breathless
of the hope it still inspires and understand
how much tears it had helped to wipe
the round fiery sphere that now evokes
water and flame over my inspirations

Jahan and Mumtaz, are you walking
the lane of love again, hand in hand
eyes glued to the pinnacle of love the Taj Mahal?

i look at the moon and realise the countless
nights it had helped illuminate for love wishes
to be made and prayers to be recited

i look at the river and see a quiet and
collected monk journeying in quest for nirvana
i see the vapour of the river rises to form rain
that beats down to reprise another tale
of the pains of growth physical and spiritual

in between all this, a young man looks back
and is fascinated by how everything has added
up to make this consciousness a bearer to all
that has gone beyond; mountain beyond
mountain, horizon over horizon