Nature Is What You Dont See Poem by john tiong chunghoo

Nature Is What You Dont See

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nature is what we dont see
for instance the essence that pushes words out
for this poem fated for posterity
the birds that without fail
chirp at first light, morn breeze
the unseen clock working at the dot
nature is what we dont see
the nocturnal bloom, that folds itself
in the day, throws its fragrance
in the dead of night as lovers
hide in each others' bossoms
below the soft glare of the moon
centimetre by centimetre
it has inched forward to exhibit its
full blown majestry to the world
Nature is what we dont see
the shadow play master tilting the earth
the petals for its bloom dance
the successive cells here there
guided towards optimal functions
and that ogiasmic tremour
that shuttles the world round and round
nature is what you should not see
the formulas, secrets kept behind everything
that could get even einstein mad
in unveiling, explaining them
nature is what we all should not see
nor equipped to see
though it rambles through our every cell
like the worst of storm

Nature Is What You Dont See
Sunday, April 24, 2005
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Indira Renganathan 22 January 2010

A poem of investigation...last four lines grace the theme on the whole....thank you

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Nature it is beautiful and the different aspects of nature is beautifully narrated in the poem in its maximum of capability and it is awesome poem.

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absolutely, it was, it is and it will be as well! ! ! ! ! !

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Rajendra Rout 16 November 2017

lovely poem and i enjoy this poem.thanks for shairing this poem..10++++++for it

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Christine Kerr 08 March 2009

Did you set a camera up to record a summer day. That's what I was picturing that I could see this fast forward over a 24 hour period. Very well done 10++

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alisa pyles 09 October 2020

i like this one. i am nobody special in the literary field but i know what i like and i do like this one. a little cynical maybe but good

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Srushti Dodamani 27 August 2020

Wow nicely expressed....thanks

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A B Faniki 16 September 2019

Nicely done. Thanks for sharingi

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Iftekhar Ifti 15 February 2019

Empirically biased

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 14 November 2018

So great poem sir.....Beautiful thought.....10+++++++++++++

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john tiong chunghoo

john tiong chunghoo

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