Poem Of Multitude Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Poem Of Multitude

poems in multitude.

''This is not to say that a network is always present everywhere: it means rather that its presence and absence tend to be indeterminate.''
(page 55.
Multitude by Michael Hard and Antonio Negri)

''In the dialectic of sense-certainty, Seeing and Hearing have been lost to consciousness: and, as perception, consciousness has arrived at thoughts, which it brings together for the first time in the unconditioned universal.''
from Hegel's book''Phenomemnology of Spirit)

In ''Un Coup De Des', Mallarme mentions a wing in advance fallen back from a failure to take flight''-maybe this circular move captures best the underlying insight of what Hegel called Absolute Knowing: not a circle of taking a flight and falling back, but a paradox of falling back which precedes the attempt to take off.This paradox is what Hegel calls absolute recoil....''
from ''Disparities'' by Salovoj Zizek)

''Repetition is not generality.repetition and generality must be distinguished in several ways.''
(page: .first page of introduction:
from Giles Deleuze's book ''Difference and Repetition'')

in continence of the void.
(Skovoj Zizek)

poems are................

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