Ted Sheridan

Poems That Are Trite, Childish And Overly Simplistic - Poem by Ted Sheridan

This type of cerebral highbrowed pseudo intellectual critiquing
of all free verse prose style poetry is deficient; however it remains
essential to understanding the cause and effect of the many empties,
bottle after bottle of cheap booze or wine and then lends credence as
to why the many nicotine stained thoughts of lung cancer victims and vagrants
permeates the internet with the transcendentally enhanced channeling
of Bukowski and Ginsberg from their DNA samples taken off a broken radio
or gathered from some stained sheets left for the bi monthly maid service
in the Imperial Hotel located on First and Union Street in downtown Seattle;
after several long nights of extreme howling and f*cking. Anti-intellectualism
pontifications will abound when man’s spirit tragically drowns following
wave upon crushing wave of elitist deductions. Disguised as clichés,
translated into the vernacular; be that all words have meaning regardless
of the author’s convoluted reasoning and endless desire to try and make sense
of something to which there is nothing but a void…

2008 © T Sheridan

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Poem Edited: Monday, April 21, 2008

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