Ted Sheridan Poems

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*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

*retirement Plans

The religious man
may have a questionable retirement plan
his devout faith in God

*ophelia The Madness

Here is where.....
Madmen write verse for their amputated lovers
with blue fountain pens and quills of clotted ink
Scribbling morbid memories yellow with old malaria

20/20 The Blind Have No Trouble Seeing The Darkness

Who can understand
what we feel inside
When we gaze into the eyes
of the shadows

*what Makes You Cry?

What makes you cry?
I pray it’s not always me
As you have convinced me many times
The real me

*john Doe 3: 16

In the Darkness
Under the investigation

*having A Sense Of Tumor

Today I had a short but very serious
conversation with the tumor
on the back of my head. Now the size of a nectarine,
it has developed a mind of its own. It demands

A Lesson In Self Respect

Nobody gives a damn about you
Until you pick up a gun or strap on a bomb
And kill someone with your version of kindness
Nobody gives a damn about you

* A New Member In God’s Gang

A drive by bullet
Gently grazes your head
You go into a sudden death spiral
Your soul leaves

*relearning Life's Lessons In Short Sentences

i am too old to learn new tricks
yet too young to forget the old tricks
i am too old to care much about anything
yet i am too young to stop caring entirely

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