Ted Sheridan

Ted Sheridan Poems

1. We Aren'T In Kansas Anymore 2/2/2007
2. He Used To Catch Fish But Now He Goes To The Market 2/5/2007
3. Verbose Gibberish 2/10/2007
4. Smoking Gun 2/12/2007
5. Peacemaker's Epigram 2/12/2007
6. The Best Cure For Curled Toes 2/13/2007
7. Virgins All Lie About Paradise 2/15/2007
8. Warren Piece 2/16/2007
9. Flowers Never Lie (Except While Telling The Truth) 2/18/2007
10. Hook Me Up To The Morphine Pump- Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 2/18/2007
11. Santa And The Boogyman 3/17/2007
12. There Is Less Urine In Mexican Beer Than Is In Your Tap Water...Or So They Claim 6/22/2007
13. Weenie Nation 6/16/2007
14. The Mad Poet Get's His Wings 8/3/2007
15. When God Calls Upon Deaf Ears-Part In A Series Of Poems Leading To My Death 9/30/2007
16. We Were The Perfect Match....Once 10/6/2007
17. Gusseted Body Bags Of Love 10/6/2007
18. Someone Set The Cake On Fire 11/27/2007
19. God Bless The Child Who Has His Own Jungle Home 12/28/2007
20. Butterflies And Baby's Breath 1/5/2008
21. Ho Chi Minh Voyeur 1/6/2008
22. When God Gives You Nothing But Zombies...Open A Restaurant 1/13/2008
23. She's A Copy Writer 1/18/2008
24. Cashing In Those Frequent Flyer Miles 1/28/2008
25. Remorse Over Savings Spent 1/28/2008
26. The Environmental Cleansing Of Souls Where Birds Of A Feather Flock Together 1/30/2008
27. The Needs Of The Many... 2/9/2008
28. Superficial Dna 2/11/2008
29. Why There Are Serial Killers And Priest 2/11/2008
30. Not A Song By The Dave Clark Five (Bits And Pieces) 2/17/2008
31. Anniversaries Are For Old Fools Like Me 2/24/2008
32. Turn On The Lights So I Can Find It 2/26/2008
33. Society Of Friends 4/6/2008
34. Good Hair Days Ahead If Democrats Win 4/8/2008
35. Victory Is But A Compilation Of Improbabilities 4/9/2008
36. When Life Is For The Birds 4/11/2008
37. Utilizing His Second Amendment Rights To Own A Gun 4/12/2008
38. The Anatomy Of Cynical Criticisim 4/13/2008
39. Alternative Endings Available 4/14/2008
40. Homo Erect Us With A Complex 4/26/2008
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

Dedicated to my wife

2008 ©TS

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Peacemaker's Epigram

They all walk like ducks
and they definetly all look like cool cats...
but they bark like dogs.
And yet what comes out of their mouths
is still a lot of quacking.....

tedG.Sheridan 2007 ©

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