MacGregor Tagliaferro

Poet's Heart Break - Poem by MacGregor Tagliaferro

Could we get back what was lost
At what price
Could we learn love's tune again
After all this time

Were it possible,
Could the passionate
past possibly be brought back
Were it worth the pain

I often recall the fun we had
The places we went
How you said each pretty word
In ways I'd not heard before

How your voice had a quaver
when you became excited
And the way your lovely throat
would shake when you laughed

And your eyes, so bright
So easy to get lost in
And welcomed they did
When I leaned and kissed

And your mouth, your lips
would smile and beguile
and spread all over
Capturin' my heart anew.

More memories rushin' back:
That fine late spring day
When we ran and danced naked
in the high hill country rain

A sensual overload;
Smell of rain - Feel of wet skin
You looked wonderful
And I watched full of wonder

Your hair all gleamin'
Streamin' in the rain
That day that was ours
When we asked the world to wait

And later that night
When our passion came abloom
Our bodies movin' in rhyme
and rhythm and rhapsody

And your eyes, the way they looked
When we reached that place
Where rapture and flesh entwine
And love never ends.

But then came that day
Standin' in the Texas rain
Was is it rain or tears
Streamin' down your face

Your hand as it waved adieu;
Your eyes as they searched;
Your voice as it said good-bye;
A cry, petulant therein -

'Your crime, dreadful and selfish
You have but wasted your time.'
Then I rushed through the gate, but
It was all too late.

Could we get back what we had,
At what cost,
Could the passionate past call
Back its dead!

So, a broken heart
Broken for loves sake,
Broken in rhythm and rhyme
Poets' hearts break so.

© 2013 Cowboy Coleridge All rights reserved

Poet's Notes about The Poem

For the Dark Muse June 2013 Out west

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