A Fake Poem by Jai K Garg

A Fake

Rating: 5.0

Let me use up the free bytes to your illusion
Tender sweet the essence in profane cordiality
A soft touch here a push there and things seem to be done
Like roasted turkey playing in the bedroom fidelity;

An oven to heat the sausage to burn in a roost
Taste the liquid heat with active clasp in power grips
Pepped up joy in the incredulous grind to begin
And envy slippery moments melting the wet creek;

Willful wants with desire we always churn to release
Intimacy in ecstasy kills bytes to please.

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 30 April 2012

Male Speaker..wow..'....Intimacy in ecstasy kills bytes to please....' olouuud...what to say..good poem within frame of modesty sensuousness oozing...bytes of ten..Regards ~ niv PS Please comment on my poem 'I Want To Be Raped' [14 words poetry]...PH banned it ultimately gave in. May be slicing comment I'm preparing for lol n

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