Poetics Of Multitude Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Poetics Of Multitude

...For respectable MARX...
(Loui.s Altthusser)
the 21st century: innovation of ideas.
conceptual voyage of globality:
zone of awareness=freedom=critical reasoning has beenbthebpoint.

an introduction: is hegel dead-or are we are deaf(in the eye of hegel? ?)
Slovak Zizek(1) 2019)
I believe that there has been no dangerous vacillation or crisis of german culture this centurybthat jas not been rendered morevdangerous by the enormous and still continuing influence of this philosophy, the hegelian.

(from''Disparities'' by Zizek.page.the first page ''When the Karaken wakes'')

......in their own way, these temptation and this temperament prove that the theory of the situation is not to to be found in a gesture towards its existence.this existence of the solution in a practical state is one thing.the knowledge of this situation is something else.
I said that Marx left us no Dialectics.Truth is not quite exceptional.He did leave us one first-rate methodological text, unfortunately without finishing it: Introduction to the critique of political economy,1859.this text does not mention the inversion by name.........
(from ''For Marx '' by Louis Althusser.''on the materialist dialectics''...page 182

'(Slovak Zizek.''Disparities'' page 126.) ''
''The possibility of democracy on a globality scale is emerging.
zone of selfwareness=freedom=today has been the point for the very first time.This book is about the possibility, about what we call the project of multitude not only express the desire for the equality and freedom but also providing the means for achieving it.''
from '''Multitude'' by Hardt and Negri'' page ס(9)
(the very first of ''Preface: Life in common'')

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