Poetry And Sleep Poem by Salvatore Ala

Poetry And Sleep

In a dream her husband appears
Younger than the day they met.
In a dream he touches his wife
With wordless love in his heart.
In dreams, their child is laughing,
And they're laughing at their child
And a green park has no horizon.
We believe dreams in doubt of doubt
And don't live with our losses
But live remainders of dreams
Like we live with moonlight
And traces of distant wind
And sunrise on ashen skin,
Rivers moving deep within.
In a dream his mother sat mutely
Mending the boundaries of his life.
In a dream her brother was a child
And she was mother to her brother.
In a dream, dear friends together,
At first in a familiar backyard;
Later, in an unknown city,
Itself dreaming a collective,
Building inescapable routes.
In dreams, each other, mingled
Of the magic materials of night,
Who vanish utterly into sleeping day
And unremembered poems,
Whomever, whatever we do.

Saturday, August 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,night,poetry
S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 06 August 2019

A great superb poem on dreams and the visions we can imagine and see in them, our wishes in daydreams. You wrote it and described it in a unique interesting muse way. Kudos. Pls pleez do review/comment my newest poem too titled, " the Hajj pilgrimage "

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Salvatore Ala 07 August 2019

Thank you very much! And for mentioning your poem, which I will read. Cheers, friend.

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