Roann Mendriq

Poetry For Children: Adventure At Noon © - Poem by Roann Mendriq

T'was a warm sultry noon, I gazed out at the hills,
that beckoned me sweetly, from the window sills;
With a leap, I was over, and out on the grounds,
Over the hedges, in the neighbour's compounds!

I strode down the path, by the green river stream,
when all of the sudden, I heard a loud scream!
T'was a bird of magnificent, plumage and tail,
She sobbed and sniffled, and let out a wail!

"Oh me and oh my! Whatever shall I do?
That tiger, that thief, he robbed my pink shoe! "
I patted her gently, and started to race
after the tiger, with a whoop! I gave chase!

He was black as the night, with thin golden stripes,
His claws were like talons, like claws, I thought "yipes! "
But onward I chased him, I raced through the glade,
As the sun began setting, light started to fade.

The dark shadows waltzed, like ghosts in the trees,
and a chill clutched my heart, or was it the breeze?
With a leap, I was on him, he did not dare flee;
On the ground, we were wrestling, that tiger and me.

I punched at his back and pulled on his tail,
He yowled like a baby and started to flail!
Then, he rolled over smartly, and clawed at my hand,
I pulled at his whiskers and plucked out a strand!

With a roar he was on me, his eyes blazing fire,
I closed both my eyes and prepared to expire...
Held fast in his paws, he chewed on my ear,
I froze in pure fright, in cold bitter fear!

As he chomped on my ear, I yelled loudly in pain,
Teacher twisted it smartly, "You're day-dreaming again! "

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