Canvas Sky © Poem by Roann Mendriq

Canvas Sky ©

Rating: 4.8

Now, have you ever stopped to think,
Who paints the sky a golden pink?
With strands of mauve and purple blue,
outlined in peach of every hue?

Who gives the clouds their silver lining,
with hints of glitter sunlit shining?
Who decks the neon stars in beauty
as they glimmer in their nightly duty?

'Ah! It's a sweet sunset...', we say,
and shut our eyes to another day;
Turn blindly back to our screen,
forgetting all that we have seen.

Then Father God will paint anew
from His spectacular point of view.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Agatha Eliza 20 October 2015

What a wonderful carousel of bright colours! 10 +++

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Susan Lacovara 19 March 2014

On a beautiful beach, some years ago, my cousin and I tried to make up new names for the colors we were witnessing at sunset...It was a most amazing sky.....We finally realized some colors were not meant to be labeled, merely experienced...and even better if shared. Your poem took me back to that sandy shore and the dipping sun. PEACE and pretty shades...

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Prasanna Kumari 19 March 2014

this is beautiful with the sky appearing in rhyme and rhythm and many hues....

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Gajanan Mishra 19 March 2014

painting new, fine writing, I like it. Please read my poems and comment.

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