Roann Mendriq Poems

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Poetry For Children: Flying With My Kite ©

A brilliant day to fly my kite,
Where else? But on our beach!
Dad holds it fast, with all his might,
Mum hoists it out of reach!

Poetry For Children: Mother And The Mouse ©

My Mother is not the sort of Mum
who'll squeal and faint and shiver,
Darkness doesn't scare her,
When it thunders she won't quiver!

Poetry For Children: Homework ©

I'll do my homework tomorrow,
I'll complete it in a flash!
I'm going swimming now,
Ma! you should see me splash!

Christmas Poems: The Truth About Santa©

T'was days before Christmas, the world was a mess;
Children were doubting, (mine too, must confess!)
They wanted to know now, how Santa could be;
all over the world, in one night, you see?

Poetry For Children: Granny's Little Laptop ©

Granny has a laptop,
its sleek and shiny new;
She gazes at it fondly,
and wonders... what to do?

Canvas Sky ©

Now, have you ever stopped to think,
Who paints the sky a golden pink?
With strands of mauve and purple blue,
outlined in peach of every hue?

Butterfly ©

A butterfly upon the breeze,
floated to the wind-blown trees;
How it hoped to even dare,
to drift so high upon the air!

Poetry For Children: Happy Teachers' Day! ©

God is always very busy,
He has lots work to do;
So, He created Teachers,
To help both me and you!

A Mermaid's Tale ©

With limpid inky pools for eyes,
and wavy hair like watered silk;
Pink coral lips to tantalise,
Skin like fresh strawberry milk.

Poetry For Children: Flying Airplanes ©

I made a paper airplane,
In class one rainy day;
My best friend wanted it.
but I let it fly away.

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