Poetry For Children: Friendly Fight ©

My friend and I fought, and I think I will cry,
All I did was toss him, a skinky mud-pie!

It splashed splat on his face, I laughed out in glee,
He picked up and tossed one, one right back at me!

We bickered all day, our tempers aflare,
He scowled and I sulked; He'd better beware!

He called me a "Peanut! ", I called him a "Peabrain! "
He called me "Crow", I called him a "Crane"

He began to start howling, I yelled, "Be a man! "
He sniffled and sobbed, I punched him and ran.

He chased me right up, the big green apple tree,
And there I was stuck, till Mum came and got me.

She scolded us soundly, and sent me to bed,
I thought I'd be pleased, but I was pensive instead.

We had fought all day long, like a dog and a cat,
And not once did we play, with my new cricket bat.

We had forgotten to watch, our football team win,
and not once did we take out our tops for a spin!

I pouted and whimpered, and I started to cry,
My friend and I fought and I do not know why!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: children