Poetry Will Come Poem by Koyamparambath Satchidanandan

Poetry Will Come

We need rice, salt,
chilly, firewood;
we can do without poetry.
Yet poetry will come back
like rice,
the seed of the earth,
boiled and cleaned of husk and bran,
overflowing every measure
every granary and godown;
like salt,
the memory of the sea,
watering our mouths,
burning us with pain
in order to heal our wounds,
nourishing our roots;
like chilly,
the lust of the clay,
turning hot our lips, tongues,
breasts, waists, veins and nerves;
like the firewood,
the bones of the forest,
their marrow melting sizzling
burning slow with tiny flames,
chanting, in a single breath,
rice salt chilly firewood poetry.

(Translated from Malayalam by the poet)

Unnikrishnan E S 27 November 2018

We tend to sing with the poet, Poetry will come Watering our mouths, burning us with pain in order to heal our wounds, Eulogies to poetry is the essence of this poem..

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Bijay Kant Dubey 24 October 2018

Poetry, poetry of the stomach, the fire of the belly, human want and necessity, wants he to write? How rice is produced from de-husking it? How is it reaped and gleaned? How is salt gathered? How the logs come from the woodlands? Lenin, Stlain and Marx engage him in full.

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Koyamparambath Satchidanandan

Koyamparambath Satchidanandan

Pulloot, Thrissur district, Kerala, India
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