Ramona Thompson

Polygamist Part 2 - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Please, oh please
Shut up already
And spare us
Your religious fanatic crap

Only one wife per man
That's the way
God's law says
It is supposed to be

Learn how to repect that
And maybe
Just maybe
We'll let you have your inbred snot nosed brats back

Young pretty hot things
Having sex with old wrinkled has been men
Just makes us sick
Right down to the bone

Give us a break
You sick twisted freaks

All around the world
Everyone knows
What the real deal is
About you and your precious
Little porno wannabe community

Make no mistake about it

Insanity pleads and cutting deals
Isn't gonna rob the rest of us
From getting our justice on you

Such fools
Each and every one of you
Don't even start to think that
You can get away
With this sick criminal behavior

Taken for a ride
For far too long now
By you and your pervert kind

Now it's time
Time that we
The real people of the world
Stepped in

Stepped in and delivered to you
The justice
That you have all avoided
Way too damn long now


Let's string up 'em boys!

Signed by,


People For The Censorship of Religious Freedom Everywhere

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 25, 2008

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