Poor Fellows Poem by Pablo Neruda

Poor Fellows

Rating: 3.2

What it takes on this planet,
to make love to each other in peace.
Everyone pries under your sheets,
everyone interferes with your loving.
They say terrible things about a man and a woman,
who after much milling about,
all sorts of compunctions,
do something unique,
they both lie with each other in one bed.
I ask myself whether frogs are so furtive,
or sneeze as they please.
Whether they whisper to each other in swamps about illegitimate frogs,
or the joys of amphibious living.
I ask myself if birds single out enemy birds,
or bulls gossip with bullocks before they go out in public with cows.
Even the roads have eyes and the parks their police.
Hotels spy on their guests,
windows name names,
canons and squadrons debark on missions to liquidate love.
All those ears and those jaws working incessantly,
till a man and his girl
have to raise their climax,
full tilt,
on a bicycle.

Brian Jani 27 April 2014

Very nice layout of words

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John Tiong Chunghoo 04 July 2006

little wonder you won the nobel prize for poetry. this poem says it all pablo.

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Margarita Salandanan 20 June 2006

This poem makes me realize how we are bound by norms and morality. Sometimes it is just liberating to let out of all the passions that we have inside...but then, what?

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