Popeye's Initiative

Popeye Said to Courage The Cowadly Dog.

' Hasn't a Long Time has been Passed Since Spending a Quality Time Together We have made it Possible? .
By Ensuring a Visit Let us Enjoy in Double. '

Courage Replied.

' Your Thought Surely has a Lot of Fun to relate.
But of Lately To refrain from Travelling
I have been Obstinate. '
Popeye Smiled.
' And What Reason Stops you from Enjoying
Isn't your Fear is what you are Emphasizing. '
Courage Tried to Explain.
' Your Guess is Almost Accurate.
But There is one Incident Which I need to Narrate. '
Courage Continued.
' I have been repititively Shamed for my Cowardly Behaviour.
But How Come People failed to realize the Horrors I Endeavor. '
Popeye Said.
' Speak Up so that Your Thought gains more Importance
If you need help with Something I will be there to Enable Justice Assurance. '
Courage Continued.
' On a Busy Day When People were Busy with their Daily Ordeal
A Scene happened Such Cruel.
A Pup Barely Two Months Old was Brutally Murdered
And to save the Pup Everyone has Surrendered. '
Courage Continued.
' Not a Single Person Attempted to Stop the Scene.
And What a Change will have been seen
If to save Animals People will have been opted to Come in. '
Popeye Said.
' Your Story is indeed a Whistleblower
And Change will be only Anticipated If People Choose to be an Apt Agitator. '

Popeye Continued.
Take Every Single Mischief Towards Animals in Active Consideration.
Act up Quickly and Against the Animal Abusers Explain Your Intentions. '
Courage said.
' Always Ensure The Contact Number of the Nearest Police Station is with Yourself
Such is the Seriousness of the Case.
As it Explains itself. '
Popeye Said.
' Confront The Criminal and Act up as soon as you Witness the Scene. '
Courage Affirmed.
' If Acted Quickly Won't Life of the Animal Secured? . '
Popeye Said.
' It will be the Ultimate Reward for Quickest Steps Such Accurately Ensured. '
(Both Went for a Ride)
So Popeye has Taken a Promise to help the Animals in Distress. What about you? .
Take a Critical Stand Against the Person who murdered a 2 Months old Pup By a Marble Cutter at J P Infra Colony Mira Road. Ensure No Mercy to such People.